Monday, February 17, 2014

Working Around Obstacles

Although the children in Pod A were able to get some fresh air outside today, the children in Pod B took a different route. Instead of braving the Winter winds, they were able to get a few laughs in with the book, "The Napping House", and maneuvered around an obstacle course. We had tires to step through, a limbo bar to go under, arches to jump over, carpet squares to step across, tables to crawl under, and chairs to "zig-zag" through! It's always fun to try something that is outside of the usual routine! 

Teaching Strategies Physical #6: "Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills"

The Lego table is usually a popular spot during Centers, and we've been hearing some of the children (and teachers too!) relate what they are building to the Lego Movie that is currently in theaters. 

Teaching Strategies Physical: "Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination." 

We missed everyone that wasn't able to make it to school today and hope to see you tomorrow! :)
-Miss Wolf

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