Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Great Way to End the Week

With the end of the week upon us, the children were very excited to find out that FINALLY today we got to go outside to play. The children enjoyed taking out the sleds and pulling each other around, as well as sliding down small ice hills. Other children were digging with scoops to find the bottom of the snow. 
Teaching Strategies #6: Demonstrates Gross-Motor Manipulative Skills
After coming inside, the children listened to a story about playing in the snow. Many children knew the story well, and were able to follow along.
Inside, the children have been building structures using wood pieces and hot glue (with the help of a teacher, of course). Michael M. was working on a monster truck, and kept making it taller and taller. Other children were also making their own cars. After the structures were finished, the children could paint them.
Teaching Strategies #33: Explores the Visual Arts
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Ms. Wright

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