Thursday, February 6, 2014

Be My Valentine!

With Valentine's Day approaching, the students have been utilizing the materials provided in the classroom such as stickers, doilies, and heart-shaped cards to create special gifts for their loved ones! Above, Libby is creating a card using many colors of markers and a wide assortment of stickers. "My mommy and daddy will be happy when I make them a valentine," she says.

The students are also recognizing another form of gift giving on Valentine's Day- the gift of flowers! Today Michael T. and Larry were working hard to run their Flower Shop, and deliver different bouquets to people in celebration of the holiday. Here, Larry is pictured assorting a bouquet to be delivered to someone from a "secret admirer."

Although many cards and previously cut shapes are offered, some students prefer to indulge in self-sufficiency and start from scratch with their own creative ideas! Liam took notice of the heart-shaped cards, but decided he wanted to create his own. He did not know how to go about completing this task at first, but then realized he could trace the hearts and cut them out himself. He said he was going to make this for his baby sister! He also pointed out that then you opened the card, it looked like butterfly wings! It looks like with Valentine's Day approaching, everyone at the CDLL is in the gift giving mood.

Have a great weekend!
-Miss Nolan

Teaching Strategies: Physical, Objective 7; Demonstrates Fine Motor Strength and Coordination. A: Uses fingers and hands. B: Uses writing and drawing tools

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