Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fun in the Sun… Finally

First off, we celebrated two birthdays today, Chloe and Dylan's!

The sun was finally out! Many different project groups went on walks and everyone enjoyed outside time. Some of the project groups went to the “forest,” to hunt for mailboxes, and to the library for just some exercise.  

On a walk, Frankie noticed, “ No one is wearing a coat!” about the CMU students.

At outside time, there were children building snowmen, sledding, running around, and playing in the “sand box” area.
In the sand box area Edison and Sasha were making cheesecakes.  Edison made a chocolate cheesecake with sand and snow, while Sasha made marshmallow and strawberry. “ We are making some for Chloe’s birthday”- Sasha, “and Dylan’s too!”

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