Thursday, February 20, 2014

Scavenger Hunt!

Today the nature small group had a surprise waiting for them at the beginning of group time. They were going on a scavenger hunt!

One of their teachers had hidden five Beanie Babies outside on the playground and then created a map to help the children find all of them. The map included playground landmarks, as well as photos of each Beanie Baby in the place where it was located on the playground.

As the children studied the map, one of their teachers asked how they thought they were going to use the map to find the Beanie Babies. Then Wesley piped up with a question:

"We're all going to find something, right?"

The teacher took note of that question, and then asked the children how they thought they might do the scavenger hunt in a way that allowed everyone to find something. Then Wesley had an idea.

"We could get into groups!"

The children starting pairing themselves off in groups of two and deciding which Beanie Baby to look for. Then they figured out where they needed to look to find that Beanie Baby.

"We're going for the house! We're gonna look for the unicorn!" said Sophie.

Taylor said, "We're looking for the duck! It's by the bridge!"

As soon as the children got outside, each team went to the spot on the playground where they decided they would look for one of the Beanie Babies. After each group found its Beanie Baby, everyone gathered back at the picnic table to talk about the scavenger hunt.

"It was really hard for us to find it!" said Mitchell.

But they found it, and the children already began to talk about wanting to do another scavenger hunt sometime soon.

Have a great weekend! -Ms. Hill

Teaching Strategies Objectives for Development and Learning
Social-Emotional #3: Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations

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