Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lights, Camera, Cups!

Our light table in the Maple room has had clear colored cups on them for the past few weeks. These cups are used in many different ways by many different children. Today Michael T was exploring the cups by stacking them as high as he could until he ran out of cups!
Michael kept his towers color coordinated and even tried different ways to stack the cups along with the clear plates that were near the light table.
The light table and cups has been a hit with most of the children and the ideas and structures they come up are very creative and unique! But as we all know what comes up, sometimes also falls down!

Today was a great day in the CDLL and even though we didn't go outside once again due to cold weather, we made the best of it and had ourselves a great Wednesday!

Teaching Strategy #33: Explores the Visual Arts
 Stay warm and have a wonderful evening!
-Ms. Boone :)

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