Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Clay Play in the Oak

Today in the Oak Room, clay play was the popular choice. The children had three different options to work with clay- the pottery wheel, feet clay: where they step on the clay, and at the table with various tools.

Isaiah had noticed that Chloe H.'s pottery wheel was going faster then his. Also on the wheels, there was an elephant and a cave made, along with just feeling the clay going on the wheel. 

The children had said that the clay on their feet felt like all different kinds of things, such as a rock, slippery, and ticklish. Once they where done with the feet clay, the biggest concern was "how are we going to get the clay off our feet?!"

The clay working demonstrates comparing and measuring (Teaching Strategies Gold 20) and express a 'sense of wonder.'( MI Early Childhood Standards of Quality)
Miss deGeus

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