Monday, February 10, 2014

It felt like a Monday today...

Happy Monday!  To start off another week, we had a few new activities to do in the oak room.  These activities consisted of popsicle painting that seemed like a huge hit.  The children were able to use popsicle sticks that were frozen to colored ice, and paint on frozen paper that we kept outside to stay cold.  Another activity that was added to the room was hot glue wood working.   The children built different things out of wood with their hands and then had the help of a teacher to actually hot glue their pieces together to build things.
Teaching Strategies- Physical #6 "Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills"

Instead of having project group time today, we decided to put on a skit for the children to watch that the teachers participated in.  This skit was a fun way to interact with the children on how to play with our friends or polite ways to tell our friends that we don't want to play with them at the time being.  The skit was followed by a story read by Mrs. Potter on bullying.
Teaching Strategies- The Arts #35 "Explores dance and movement concepts"

Have a great week!
-Ms. Bennett

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