Monday, February 24, 2014

FeBURRary 24th!

Old Man Winter is not going to let up so neither will we! The children and staff ventured out for another fun day in the snow but were pleasantly surprised when the majority of it was more like frozen ice. Snow balls that were made last week now are hard as ice and stuck in the spot they rest on. Many of the children found the extra slickness made the sled ride down the playground hill a little more fun too. 
Michael T. and Liam trying to make something new out of the frozen snowballs and ice.
Teaching Strategy: Cognitive #11 - Demonstrates positive approaches to learning

While inside, there are also many chances for children to use materials in new ways. In the Maple Room, Thelma and Lamont decided to add tires to the boxcars, however, they did not use them as wheels as you might initially guess. Take a look below...

Thelma and Lamont using tires to build comfy chairs in their boxcars. 
Teaching Strategy: Science & Technology - Demonstrates knowledge of the physical properties of objects and materials
-Ms. Gross

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