Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Playing in the Snow, Inside and Out!

Today in the Pine room, the children enjoyed the fake snow. They talked about how it is the same and in what ways it is different from the snow outside. They noticed that the snow inside and outside is the same color; white. Harper and Isabell agreed that you can build a snowman and use sleds outside and inside as well. Everyone participated throwing snow up into the air and watching it fall from the air, as it does outside. 

 When talking about the differences, the children discovered a lot! Taylor said that the snow inside "smells different" than the snow outside. Harper remembered that outside, the snow is powdery, and inside it is fluffy. Aaliyah told Isabell that inside, it is fake and outside it is real. All of the children took part in discovering the differences of warm and dry inside, and cold and wet outside. 
Taylor and Kaden K both said the snow was comfy and soft, and they could sleep on it. Outside it is too hard to sleep on! 

Teaching Strategies Gold: Science and Technology objective 27: Demonstrates knowledge of the earth's environment. Children describe the characteristics of snow, and why the fake snow is different from the environment. 

Enjoy the rest of your week! 
Ms. Kubbe 

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