Thursday, February 6, 2014

Exploring Magnets

This morning many children were interested in the magnets in the Maple room. The children were invited to explore the magnets on the group rug. Some children connected the magnets, while others liked to grab the magnetic balls with the magnetic sticks. Oliver used a stronger magnet to pick up other smaller magnets. Oliver said that magnets attract metal. Larry was curious about the box that had sand and metal pieces in it. "I want to know what this does," he said. Larry found out that when you take a magnet and slide it across the box, it picks up the magnet pieces! Liam was very interested in the magnets this morning as well. He was interested in how some of the magnets would not stick together. The teacher asked him why they wouldn't stick together. Liam said they wouldn't stick together because they weren't on the same metal side.

Enjoy your weekend!
-Ms. Wheaton
Teaching Strategies Gold: Science and Technology: Objective 24: Uses scientific inquiry skills.


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