Thursday, February 13, 2014

Can you hear me now?

Happy Thursday everyone! The doctor's office in the Pine room has been a very popular place for children to pretend they are doctors and patients and to experiment with some medical equipment. Today, Au'Mari'a and Eassays were working with the stethoscopes. They put the ear pieces in their ears and talked about the way different noises sounded.

They listened to each other's hearts and different body parts, but what they enjoyed most was blowing air and talking into the stethoscope and listening to the sounds they made. Au'Mari'a told Eassays, "Yell louder!". Eassays said, "Do it super loud!"

They discovered that when you blow into the end of the stethoscope, you can feel the air in your ears!

Have a great weekend!

-Miss Schubert

Teaching Strategy #11D: Shows curiosity and motivation

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