Monday, February 10, 2014

Building, Forming, Exploring...

There were many new features added to the classrooms this week to spark children's growing interests in building. A basket of various wooden shapes were available in the Oak Room as children created elaborate structures such as bird houses, hammers, and bird house restaurants. A teacher was always available at the table with hot glue to help the structures stick if the child asked. Michael M. created a bird house and decided to take the project a step further by painting it after the glue had set. Awesome!

Teaching Strategies: The Arts - Explores the visual arts.

 Clay is always available to children in the Oak Room as well. They can manipulate it with their hands, on a pottery wheel, or even with their feet. After standing and pressing the clay with his feet, Larry formed 3 clay piles on the blue mat which he called 'islands.' He even took the exploration one step further, rolled some clay into balls, and placed them on the 'islands'; he called these shapes 'coconuts'.
Teaching Strategy: Science and Technology - Demonstrates knowledge of Earth's environment.
-Ms. Gross

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