Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Tuesday!

Today we stayed inside due to the cold Michigan weather but today was all around a joyous day! Some of the children during afternoon center time were very intrigued by the sea life we have available in the Walnut room for the children to explore. The children enjoyed putting each sea shell up to their ears and listening as they heard "the ocean." They also enjoyed taking the available literature located next to the sea life and matching the corresponding sea shells we have in the classroom to the ones in the book. 

Teaching Strategies: Cognitive #13 Uses classification skills

-Ms. Neych

Along with all of the excitement with the ocean, we also had ice cream filled fun time! The children decided to make a party that was ice themed. They set up an area on the rug and decorated it with hearts from the writing center. There were also several "phone calls" made to invite all the guests. This then branched off into them taking to the stage to act out the party they were having. Along with the party, the children had several ice-cream shops set up around the classroom. They were all working together to coming up with different flavors for all the colors from watermelon to cotton candy. 

Teaching Strategies: Social-Emotional # 3 Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations


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