Thursday, February 20, 2014

Exploring with Black lights!

Today was full of exploration in the light room with the black lights! The children loved exploring the many colors with the highlighters and seeing them glow under the black lights. Some children chose to write their names and use stencils, while others chose to draw a picture or scene. William Wang drew a squid with many long tentacles. "A squid has one eye, right? I want to draw lots of tentacles." William proudly displayed his artwork in the light room by hanging it on the wall with tape!
Gavin was using a stencil to trace a car. He drew a road underneath the car and began to fill in the car with the highlighter. "I'm making it yellow, like my favorite yellow race car!" Sarah was also exploring the highlighters with the black lights alongside Gavin and William Wang. She started using a green marker but noticed it wasn't that bright. "I want a yellow marker. They are the brightest!" She used her yellow highlighter to draw a picture of herself standing on top of a stool!
Here is some more artwork displayed in the light room!
See everyone on Monday!
-Miss Wheaton
Teaching Strategies Gold: The Arts: Objective 33: Children explore the visual arts.

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