Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Welcome Back!

Yesterday the students were welcomed back to school after a long weekend! The students were able to plan which room they wanted to go to for the first time!
 During AM center time in the Oak Room, Pemisire constructed a train track. She said, "My train drives fast!"
The Maple Room sure was busy during AM center time! The children made sculptures using clay!  
 In the Art Studio, Mathias was drawing a rocket ship during AM center time. He said, My rocket flies like a bird!"
 In the Oak Room during AM center time, Annika was working on a puzzle. I asked her how she knew where to put the pieces and she said, "Because it is easy. They look like stop signs!"
Michigan Standard of Quality:
Intellectual Development
2.) Early Learning Expectation: Children represent what they understand about the world through actions, objects, and words. Examples include: recognizing symbols in the environment or using symbols to represent their thoughts and ideas through play and imagination.

Kristen Nagl HDF 409

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