Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Importance of Reading!

Through out the day, the Child Development Learning Lab gives many opportunities for the children to expand their learning through reading books. Whether it is a book being read to the students or the students exploring by themselves. Books are a wonderful learning tool that help expand a child's vocabulary and allows new ways of using these new words. 

Below is a picture of Graeme and Favour both retelling the story that was shared at their large group. During large group we introduced a new friend, Marty the Monster and he helped tell the story. Both of them attempted to explain the story in their own way. 

Graeme stated, "Some monsters like baths." Then he asked Marty the Monster is he liked baths. 

Favour explained, "All monsters are different too." 

The children have multiple opportunities to read books. Some students like to read a book during center time, rest, and even outside. In the picture below we have Zoey H enjoying a book being read to her during rest time. 

During the end of the day, the children had the opportunity to listen to Ms. Sinclair read books outside on the tree stumps. This allows the children to calm down and enjoy reading in a new location that isn't just in the CDLL classrooms. 

Michigan Standard of Quality: 
Language and Early Literacy Development
-Children begin to understand written language read to them from a variety of meaningful materials, use reading-like behaviors, and make progress towards becoming conventional readers. 

HDF 409 
Jasmine Palenske 

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