Tuesday, September 13, 2016

An Obstacle Course in the Indoor Movement Room

An obstacle course was offered today in the indoor movement room, which was just what we all needed with the gloomy weather headed our way later that afternoon.

We started the course with a yellow circle as our marker for the start of the line just before the balance beam.

The children would then go as fast or as slow as they wanted safely over the stairs

Next, on top of the seat; jumping down to the rainbow mat

Then jumping from square to square


Finally, ending the obstacle course by going through the red tunnel.


After a few warm up runs I offered to time the children individually if they wanted, this made the obstacle course more appealing to participate in. Some children eventually lost interest, but some were having so much fun and were very helpful in “recruiting” more kids to come down to the indoor movement to participate in the obstacle course during morning center time.

Michigan Standards of Quality:

Physical Development
1. Children increase their ability to understand and control their bodies and learn that regular physical activity can enhance their overall physical, social and mental health.
2. Children experience growth in gross motor development and use large muscles to improve a variety of gross motor skills in both structure and unstructured settings.

Monica Scudder, HDF 409

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