Thursday, September 8, 2016

The First of Many

Today was the first day that there was an obstacle course in the Indoor Movement Room. When the obstacle course started, many children were so excited. They enjoyed the obstacle course so much that when other children heard what was going on, they wanted to join in on the fun.

In Ms. Gursky's small group there were working on their first community project. The group had previously cut out shapes of colored paper and were working together to create collages. 

These are the first of many different projects and community events that will happen in the CDLL this semester. The children will learn to work together, alongside each other and will be able to learn how independently. I can not wait to see what else is to come. 

Michigan Standard of Quality:
6. Early Learning Expectation: Participation-Cooperation-Play- Networking-Contribution. Demonstrate increasing ability to be together with others, in play or intellectual learning opportunities and/or making positive efforts for the good of all; join a community of learners in person and digitally as appropriate.

Mikayla Aguilar HDF 409 

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