Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Planning for the day!

Every morning in the children's large group room they plan where they would like to start playing for  center time. They are not limited to this room for the whole day, and are free to roam from room to room as long as they stay engaged in an activity.
Here is Lily PJ putting her name under the Walnut room, I asked Lily what she was going to do in the Walnut room and she said, "I am going to ride the roller coaster!"
Here is Andre and Jace deciding where they would like to play. They planned for the same room because they wanted to play together.
Here is Lily PJ following through with her plan she made in the morning of riding the roller coaster in the Walnut room!
Brody, Ryan, and Audrey decided to come to the Walnut room and play with the water table instead spending their whole time in the room they planned for.

Overall, it was a great day at the CDLL!

Sarah Cramer. HDF 409

Michigan Standards of Quality
4. Early Learning Expectation: Children participate in activities that encourage self-motivation, emphasize cooperation, and minimize competition.

3. Early Learning Expectation: Children begin to develop the ability to seek out and to recognize patterns in everyday life.

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