Tuesday, September 27, 2016


During small group time, we (Ms. Goodman's group) have been talking about emotions. Today, we looked through magazines to find faces to cut out. After cutting the faces out, we talked about what emotions we found. That conversation made us question what things make us happy, sad, mad and silly.

  I asked a few children-"What makes you happy?"

Liam- "When my mom is here."
Lilly- "Muffins"
Livy- "Faces"
Ariona- "My birthday"
Dakota- "Feathers"
Farrah- "Cupcakes"

Early Childhood Standards of Quality

Children develop and exhibit a healthy sense of self. Ex: Children can identify a variety of feelings and moods in themselves and others.
Children develop healthy relationships with other children and adults. Ex: Participate successfully as a group member and initiates interactions with peers and adults.

Musselman HDF 409

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