Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Spin and Rock Climb in the indoor Movement room

Taking a spin on the spinners and Climbing the rock wall was a great start to a Morning. In the indoor Movement room The rock climbing wall and spinners we're laid out for the children to explore.

Asher climbed to the to the top of the rock wall then said, "I can climb back down without stepping on any rocks."

JJ  stepped from rock to rock thinking of how he can make it down the rock wall, "Look I did it, I jumped down says JJ."

Alijah demonstrates spinning on his belly while keeping his hands and feet from touching the ground.

It was a great day at the  CDLL.

Michigan Standard of Quality:

Approaches to Learning
     Early Learning Expectation: Children show increasing invention and imagination in their work and play in all areas of the curriculum. Children typically take risk, and try new things through problem solving.

Shantell Buck HDF 409

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