Monday, September 19, 2016

Sandbox Fun in the Sun

This afternoon, the sandbox was a huge hit among numerous children! Several children teamed up to create a bakery shop where they put their clever ideas and recipes together.

Ericka and Aaliyah worked together to bake raspberry cupcakes. Once the cupcakes were complete, Ericka said, "take one and pass!"

It wasn't long until J.J. asked to join in. He said he would help by making a cake. 

Once the bakery shop was a huge hit, Favour and Victoria joined in as well. They both baked multiple cakes to add to the collection at the bakery. Victoria said, "This cake is strawberry!"

Next came Rohan. He hopped out of a wagon ride after finding a pipe cleaner. He ran over to the group and said, "Here is a birthday candle for the cake you're making!"

Michigan Standard of Quality:
Approaches to Learning
          1. Early Learning Expectation: Creativity-Imagination-Visualization. Children demonstrate a growing ability to use originality or vision when approaching learning; use imagination, show ability to visualize a solution or new concept.

Holly Ritter, HDF 409

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