Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Tallest Tower

While in the Walnut room during Thursday morning center time, Michael began to build a tower of magnet pieces. Soon after, Stephen joined in. The two continued stacking pieces together until the tower grew taller and taller. Mathias walked over and began assisting in the building process. The three students worked together to find spaces for the new magnet pieces to fit. They continued to communicate with one another on how to make the tower taller.

"Lets see how tall we can make it"- Stephen

"I'm going to put this one on"-Michael

Michigan Standard of Quality
6. Early learning expectation: participation- cooperation- play- networking- contribution. Demonstrate increasing ability to be together with others, in play or intellectual learning opportunities and/ or making positive efforts for the good of all; join a community of learners in person and digitally as appropriate.

- learn from and through relationships and interactions
-begin to develop and practice the use of problem-solving and conflict 

Emily Sinclair 
HDF 409

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