Monday, September 19, 2016

Together We Can Build Great Things

Today in the Walnut room James, Stephen, and Jace worked together to make the longest path for the ball to travel down. The wall started off with no pipes, and the three boys worked together to make various trails for the ball to travel down into a basket. 
They had to move pipes and manipulate them to stay close enough to each other so that the ball will not go off track, as well as raised above one another. 
"Teacher watch what happens to the ball" -James
Jace picked up the final pipe as the ball went down the path and it successfully made it to the end and then across the Walnut room floor.

Michigan Standard of Quality:

The Learning Environment- (8) Program Standard: The curriculum is designed to promote individualized teaching and learning rather then requiring children to move in a group from one learning activity to the next. 

Approaches to Learning- (2) Early Learning Expectation: Children show increasing engagement and persistence in their work and play in all areas of the curriculum.

Intellectual Development-  Early Learning Expectation: Children move from solving problems through trial and error to beginning to use varied strategies, resources, and techniques to test out possibilities and find solutions.

Kalyn Berinti, 409

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