Monday, September 12, 2016

Small Group Explorations and New Things!

Today, Mrs. Bristley's small group went for a walking field trip to the fountain on Central Michigan University's campus! The students were each given a bag of fish food in order to feed the fish at the fountain. While on the walk to and from the fountain, the students and teachers discussed nature and what it consists of. Some children suggested inanimate objects such as rocks, grasses, and leaves while other children suggested animate objects such as the fish we fed today. Below is a picture of five children in Mrs. Bristley's small group (Gavin, Annika, Lily, Averyl, and Pemisire) throwing the fish food to the fish.

During outside time, the children were introduced to animal wings. They were able to choose what kind of insect they wanted to be, such as a bumble bee or ladybug, and run around with the wings on pretending to be their insect. Below is a picture of the children choosing which wings they want to play with.

Overall, it was a great day at the CDLL!

Michigan Standards of Quality
Social, Emotional and Physical Development, 6: Fine Motor Development. Children experience growth in fine motor development and use small muscles to improve a variety of fine motor skills both in structured and unstructured settings.

Michigan Standards of Quality
Creative Development, 4: Dramatic Play. Children show how they feel, what they think, and what they are learning through dramatic play.

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