Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wednesday's Activities

It was a busy day in the CDLL, with lots of activities and project. Today in the Walnut Room, some of the children worked on building structures with magnetic shapes. Other children worked together  exploring the texture and movement of sand.

"I am building a house for my zebra, it needs a roof to stay dry." -Lilly F.

"We are building a neighborhood for the animals, they can all live near each other." -Harper

"The sand goes fast through the holes, we need to shovel faster." -Muadh
Ms. Potter's small group worked together to trace the outline of their classmates bodies, creating different designs and faces.

"I am drawing his arms and hands." -Katherine

"I am coloring in my shirt." -Zane

Teaching Strategies: Cognitive #11 Demonstrates positive approaches to learning. HDF 409 Emily Ezinga

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