Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Day Full of Pretend Play

In the Pine Room there was a lot of pretend play. Coen was a dog and Ramona took on the roll of Coen's owner. She would make him food and sit it on the floor for her dog to eat. Anaya was pretending to be a policeman. She kept an ongoing story of her saving a baby's life, while the baby's mom was struggling to survive. Thomas was playing with the firetruck, tractor, airplane, the wooden animals, and the little wooden people. He hauled around a pig and a cow in his trailer. The fence on the trailer kept coming apart and Thomas had to keep fixing it. The last time the fence came apart, Thomas, had the firetruck help him put it back together.

Owner, owner! Owner means that you take care of me. - Coen
Doggy, I'll get a plate for you and I'll get you something to eat. - Ramona
Dogs smell cars and dig holes and smell food. - Coen

I'm a policeman. I'm saving the child. 
I'm going to call the owner of the baby.
She only left her keys and phone.
The ambulance took her to the hospital to try to wake her up.
- Anaya

Let's try to open the door! 
Look at this one!
I'm going to get some help. 
- Thomas

Teaching Strategy #36 - Explores drama through actions and language.
Talisa Bergeron HDF 409

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