Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Obstacle Course Fun

Today, Mrs. Weller and Ms. Goodman's small groups joined together. They participated in an obstacle course throughout the classroom that involved both many skills and a lot of fun. The children were able to do things such as, crawl under a table, walk across a balance beam, throw a ball into a basket, jump across carpet squares, and wiggle their way through a tunnel in order to complete this obstacle course. The children were full of laughter and smiles and seemed excited to participate and complete the obstacle course several times.

The children stood and listened as Mrs. Weller explained the obstacle course to them.

Audrey crawling through the tunnel.

Audrey, Farrah, and Rohan all working their way across the balance beam.

Asher tossing a ball into a basket.

Teaching Strategies: Objective: 5 - Demonstrates balancing skills & Objective: 6 - Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills
Mariah Darden HDF 409

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