Thursday, February 9, 2017

Spider Web Play!

Today in the indoor movement room the children were asked to act like spiders and capture flies in their web. Many children joined in and were able to practice their throwing skills as they threw balls at the sticky side of tape. The children were able to take turns, work together as a group, cheer each other on, and strengthen their arms, all while having a blast.

Divine: "What are you making?"
After awhile the children ran out of flies to stick on their web. However, some of the flies got loose and the children had to work to get those pesky flies back on their web.
Jace: "I'm going to throw mine fast."
Jace: "Yes, I did it." 
Asher : Mrs. Nimms you should try one."
Asher: "It was really fun in there." 
At the end of centers everyone was eager to lend a helping hand and get the room back to normal. Sadly, after clean up there were no more spider webs... but there is always next time.
Zoey P: "I'll help too."
Roman: "Thanks."  
Teaching Strategy: Social Emotional (2)- Establishes and sustains positive relationships.

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