Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Kick The Cup!

Today was an exciting day in the Indoor Movement Room! The children had the chance to play Kick The Cup. Upper case and lower case letters were placed on red solo cups. Those red solo cups were then placed on the floor in a line where children had the opportunity to kick a ball into them. The cups that a child knocked over each had a letter on them. The children were first asked to identify that letter then come up with a word that starts with that specific letter. There seemed to be a lot of children who had very strong kicks. Most of the children knocked over more than one cup. The children then  helped each other think of different words that started with each letter.

"This is the letter I, it stands for ice-cream."-Audrey

"This is the letter I and it stands for igloo, only penguins can build igloos."-James 
"I got the letters M and H, did you know my name has both of those letters?"-Graham

"I got the letters H and D! I have a H in my name, H-U-N-T-E-R."-Hunter

By: Ashley Millmine

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