Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Today was a busy creation day in the Oak Room. Children were creating a ramp for their race cars. The children looked at a picture of a ramp on a tablet, and formulated their ideas together based on how they thought they wanted their ramp to look like. Then they got cardboard and packaging tape, cut the pieces to make a big long road. The children had to work together to figure out how long they wanted it and how high they wanted it to go. Finally, after a few trial runs they wanted to tape 5 long pieces together to form the track, as well as taping it to the window for the slight angle so their cars wouldn’t stop.  

"We need to slant it" - Divine

"It needs edges, so our cars won't fall off" - Mathias

"This can go here" - Divine

 "We need to tape it right here" - Logan

"Let's do it together to see which one is faster" - Mathias
"Ok, 1-2-3 GO!" - Divine

Trying out the finished track!! 

Teaching Strategies Gold: Objective 11: Demonstrates positive approaches to learning
Teaching Strategies Gold: Objective 3: Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations

HDF 409 ~ Abby VanDerStuyf

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