Thursday, February 2, 2017

Our Memorable Thursday Activities

Today at the CDLL, the children engaged in many memorable moments throughout the day. The children had a ton of fun learning, playing and exploring.
 During center time, in the Pine Room, Children had a blast engaging in dramatic play with their classmates.

Going Shopping !!

Lexie and Ramona are shopping together. Lexie said " I buy this"
John and Coen shopping at Meijer. John said " we are shopping at Meijer." Coen said " yeah we are buying groceries" 

John and Coen were driving snow mobiles.

 John said "voom voom (woof, woof)" Coen said " Lets go faster (Bark, Bark)"

Ramona and Miss. Bergeron were at a wedding.

Ramona said, “Here’s flowers.” Miss Bergeron said “ What are these flowers for Ramona?” Ramona replied, “It’s for the wedding!” Miss Bergeron said“What wedding?” “Our wedding, were getting married” said Ramona.

Roman and Miss. VanDerStuyf made a Mr & Mrs Potato Head family.

Miss VanDerStuyf asked, “ What should we put on this one?” Roman replied, “ The eyes should go here, ears, hair, and teeth, we need to find teeth. This is our family, a mom, dad, brother and sister!” Roman was more than excited to show off his amazing potato family!

Outside, the children continued their snow adventures.

Livy said " I'm making an ice angel"
Teacher said "what's an ice angel?"
"It's a snow angel but with ice!' said Livy
"This is as high as i can climb!" said Carter.
Daley was pulling Leanes on the sled. Leanes said "Daley take me that one", "ok" Daley Replied.
Teaching Strategies Gold: Objective 36 Explores Drama Through Actions And Language 
Teaching Strategies Gold: Objective 27 Demonstrates Knowledge Of The Earth's Environment 

HDF 409 ~ Abby VanDerStuyf 

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