Thursday, February 23, 2017

Experimenting with Ice!

The ice experiment in the Walnut Room continues to be a popular place for the children to engage in! Earlier this week, we set out blocks of ice on the light table with some salt and colors.  The purpose of this is to sprinkle salt on the ice block, which melts holes or crevices into the block, then using the eye droppers to drop different colors into the ice block, it seeps into the crevices creating a really cool look, especially being over the light table! This activity opened the doors to have thoughtful discussions with the children about how the salt melts the ice as well as the idea of mixing colors!

"I'm trying to make purple. I'm mixing blue and red." - James


"It's melting!" - Andre
"First I put the salt, then the paint." - Rohan

"I bet it's going to make a big hole!" - Jace

 - Kayla Welker

Teaching Strategies: 24 - Uses scientific inquiry skills

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