Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Painting on Tuesday

Today in the CDLL children were in the Maple room painting. They were not using traditional paint though, they were using paint that had baking soda in it and they would put vinegar on the area that they painted. The baking soda and vinegar would react and bubble on the paper. The children were mixing paint to see the different colors they could make. Also, they were testing how the different colors would react with the vinegar.
Rohan uses the pipette to mix vinegar with the paint on his paper.
The children asked questions about why and how the paint was bubbling. Rohan stated, "There are a lot of bubbles in mine, why are there bubbles?" The children would also draw attention whenever they would create bubbles on their page. Audrey stated, "There are bubbles!" Graeme stated, "Look, I made bubbles!"
Audrey and Rohan use the baking soda paint on their paper.
Teaching strategies Objective 24. Uses scientific inquiry skills. HDF 409 William Sheahan-Stahl

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