Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Caring Cards

Today in Mrs. Weller's small group in the Pine classroom the children were given the opportunity to create cards for anyone they chose to. They were given a variety of materials including, cards, envelopes, markers, foam pieces, and stickers. There were a many different ideas and people that the children decided to make their cards for. It was an enjoyable time as the children had the freedom to create what they wanted to for their loved ones.
The children gathered around the rug as the activity was explained to them. They were shown all the different materials that they could use to make a card for anyone they chose to.

"I'm gonna make some hearts, my mama's gonna love it!" -Sarah A.
"I wanna try to write Dear Mother," says Zoey H.

After finishing his card, Rohan explains to a teacher what he has drawn. 
"This is me, my mom, and my dad," he says.

Once they were finished, the children put their cards into envelopes and sealed them shut.

Teaching Strategies- Objective 7b: Uses writing and drawing skills & Objective 19: Demonstrates emergent writing skills
Mariah Darden HDF 409

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