Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Exciting Day at the CDLL!

The children had a wonderful visit from some of CMU's science students during their AM center time. In the indoor movement room, children had the chance to cut out their own dinosaurs, experiment with conversation hearts, tin foil and magnets, and explore what happens when balloons, straws, and strings are put together. The children had a fantastic time learning with the science teachers!

The children are lined up to see what happens when a balloon is hooked to a straw on a string!

Here they are exploring with tin foil.

Alijah waiting to see how fast his straw will go!
In the afternoon, the children had a mid- winter celebration! Alijah's family brought in a popcorn maker so the children could enjoy some for their snack. The smell of popcorn filled up the whole school, they couldn't get down to the kitchen fast enough! They also drank strawberry milk that the children helped to make during their AM centers.
Mathias, Ella, and Divine


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