Thursday, January 19, 2017

Working Together to Give a Gift!

On Thursday January 19th, a lot of exploring was taking place during centers in the Walnut Room! 
Lets take a look at some of the group play that was taking place. 

In morning centers Liam started making gifts for Miss Goodman and told her that she had to go to sleep in order for the presents to come. Then Sovie, Alijah, Graeme, and John came over to join in and help out. We had to use some problem solving to figure out how to move the presents from one place to another without them breaking.

Sovie suggested, "put little rocks in there (instead of big rocks) and then it won't break." 
John asked why we were building a tree and Liam explained that it was where they were going to put the presents. 

Then in afternoon centers, Daley and Avryl worked together to make a "house for the animals." This house had a slide, potions, along with places to eat and drink. In the picture below you can see the animals lined up for the slide as they build their house.

Daley said, "we are going to use all of the squares up. We are going to use the big ones for the top, right Avryl." 

Michigan State Standard: 

Social and Emotional Development and Health
2.) Children will use basic problem solving skills to resolve conflicts. 

MacKenzie Gentner

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