Monday, January 30, 2017

Special Projects

Today, in the Maple room, the children worked on a special project exploring paper with Mrs. Bristley. They used scissors to cut paper into various shapes and used tools to add texture to the paper. After getting the paper just right, they used glue sticks to paste their pieces of paper onto a poster board. Some children put their paper more flat while others curled theirs up and made it three dimensional.

Bella worked on cutting strips of paper with Mrs. Bristley

Sovie cut out pieces of brown paper and pasted them onto her strip of paper, she said "It's a butterfly".

If you want to see the final project, look on the wall in the Maple room above the writing center!

Teaching Strategies 7: Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination  
Teaching Strategies 33: Explores the visual arts

-Abigail Lucas HDF 409

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