Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Magnet House

It seemed to be a busy day in the Walnut Room today. Mathias and Divine took a good chunk of their morning using the magnetic shapes to build a house for a family of wild animals. The process started off with each of them grabbing a clipboard to sketch out their thoughts of what a house should look like.

"First we start off with a big straight line." -Divine

After they were done sketching, they propped their clipboards up on the wooden shelf next to them.

"Let's prop this up so we can look at it while we build it"


"This house is going to touch the ceiling"-Divine


Next comes the construction of the house. The boys were eager to pick out the specific colors that would make up the house.

"Let's do purple on purple and red on red"-Divine

"Okay, where are we going to put the door?"

"We have to hurry up and build this, the animals are getting cold because it is starting to snow outside."-Mathias

"We need to cover the roof."-Divine

"We need to put the animals in here before we cover the roof."-Mathias

"The door needs to be closed, it is too cold for the animals now that they are inside."-Mathias

"We can't smash this house, we worked too hard on it."-Divine
Moments later, it was suddenly spring time and the animals were no longer cold. The house was then torn down by the two that constructed it. Their next task was a tower.

-Ashley Millmine

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