Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday in the Indoor Movement Room

Today in the indoor movement room we played a game called “What Time is it Mr. / Mrs. Fox.” The children would stand against the climbing wall and one of them would be Mr. / Mrs. Fox and move to the other side of the room and face away from the group.

Next the children on the wall would ask, "what time is it Mr. or Mrs. Fox?" Then the other child would tell them a number. Then the children would move that number of steps and repeat the process again. Then the fox would wait till the group was close enough to turn around and try to “catch” one of the other children and that child would become the new Fox.

“What time is it teacher fox?”

Next the children were playing ring toss. The children were given 5 rings and would stand on a dot on the ground and throw each of the rings trying to get them around a peg on the ground. The dot was moved forward and backwards to change the difficulty of the toss. The children would throw the rings with one or both hands and some would throw more than one ring at a time.
“I made it!”
“I got three on there.”

Teaching strategies: objective 4 Demonstrates Traveling skills, objective 6 Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills.  William Sheahan-Stahl HDF 409  

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