Thursday, January 26, 2017

Silly Putty Fun

Many children seemed to be drawn to the Walnut Room today. The silly putty was a big hit and seemed to pull the attention of most of the children. Some were interested in the texture of the silly putty, while others commented on the colors. There seemed to be endless possibilities to what could be made. From animals to food, you never could guess what was being created next.

Graham was the first to come over to the silly putty table. He used tools to cut and shape the silly putty into different shapes. When asked what he was making he replied, "It's a swamp monster!"

 After awhile more children came over and joined the fun. Harper and Liam sat down at the table and began making different animals with the silly putty.

"I'm making a sting ray, it's going to sting you!" Exclaimed Harper
 Moving into the afternoon, the silly putty creations continued.
"I'm making yucky pizza" said Sarah P.

While playing with the silly putty, a teacher asks Graeme what he is making. "It's a football stadium" he replies. The teacher then asks, "How do you make a football stadium?" Graeme begins to explain, "you just roll it up like a Caterpillar, then you use the tools to make lines like that.
By the end of the day the silly putty table was filled with children making creations and having fun. Some children even used problem solving to share the silly putty so that everyone could join in.
Ariona splits her pile of silly putty in half and shares so that Audrey can have some to play with. "Here Audrey you can have some of this one" she says, and they all continue to play.

State standards: Objective 3: Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations Objective: 6 - Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills
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