Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Walnut Room Fun

Walnut Room Fun
Today in the Walnut Room, the children were still exploring with the silly putty, but the snow was highly favored. The teachers decided to mix some fake snow with the real snow, and the children loved it. The enjoyed comparing the textures and mixing the snow together. They also mixed some of the snow with the water from the water table and called it "goo". Children were also still exploring with the silly putty and were making oceans with the putty and using the sea animals to create scenarios. 

Stephen and Ariana put on mittens to play in the snow because they said it was cold and that it felt weird.
Stephen: "This is real snow, and this is fake snow"
Ariana: "This is so weird" 

Harper, Stephen, and John used the silly putty to make a sea/ocean and they used the sea animals and placed them in the water.

The children are playing with the silly putty before the colors were mixed.
Teaching strategies 26: Demonstrates knowledge of the physical properties of objects and materials 
HDF 409- Shatarea Simms 

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