Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What Made Today A Terrific Tuesday?

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It was a terrific, fulfilled day back to the CDLL! We welcomed our new Tuesday/Thursday student teachers, and assistant teachers.

In the hallway, Ice Cream Shop was an excitement!  The children pretended to work at an Ice Cream Shop, and share their favorite flavors with their customers (friends). Below, Rohan, Lilly F, Lexi, and Katherine playing Ice Cream Shop!! 

On the left:

Rohan – “Ice Cream, Ice Cream!”

Lilly F – “Ice Cream for sale, Come get your Ice Cream.”
                        “My favorite flavor is chocolate!”

Bottom right:

Katherine – “I want this one”

Top right:

Lexi – “Yummy, yummy, yummy”

Afternoon centers were a blast!


In the Walnut Room:

Top Left: Rayyan & Evie playing at the water tables.
Rayyan – “uh oh”
Evie – “Look, this sucks water!”

Top right: Alijah is exploring and digging for dinosaur bones
Alijah – “I paint the bone, paint the bone.”
“It’s like a grave”

In the hallway:

Bottom Right: James is looking at the book and playing with the Chika Chika 1-2-3 props.
James - "Look, i can put these numbers on the tree."

In the Oak Room:

Bottom Left & middle: Gavin was building with legos.
Gavin – “ It’s a bike and it flies where ever you point it, and it spins that way too!” 

Above shows...

Top Photo: 

After Lunch, James, Lila Beau, Logan, Mathias, and Muadh climbed the rock wall.

James – “Look I can jump!”
Lila Beau – “look at me.”
Mathias – “I climbed to the top”

Bottom Photos: 

Due to few children today, during rest time we all went to the indoor movement room to watch a movie "Wall - e" . Some of the children rested, while others were watching quietly.

Teaching Strategies Gold 1c: Takes care of own needs appropriately
Teaching Strategies Gold 2: Establishes and sustains positive relationships
Teaching Strategies Gold 6: Demonstrates gross – motor manipulative skills
Teaching Strategies Gold 7: Demonstrates fine –motor strength and coordination
Teaching Strategies Gold 12 B: Makes Connections

Abby VanDerStuyf

HDF 409

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