Wednesday, January 18, 2017

See What Happened Outside Today!

Today on Wednesday, January 18th, the children were finally able to spend time outside because the conditions were not as icy as they have been this week. Children from Pod B, learned a lot about different transportation including the wagons they pulled each other in, the car toys available outside, and the children enjoyed watching a train pass by campus as well. 
 Macrae enjoyed creating a road for his trucks to drive on.

 Friends take turns pulling the wagon around the playground!

 Children hear a train and rush over to watch it pass by. They enjoyed making train sounds and commented on how loud the train was.
Rohan was busy pedaling his bike through the snow and ice. I asked Rohan why it was harder to bike through the snow and he replied, "Because it is icy!"

Stephanie Dutton HDF 409

Teaching Strategies: Social Emotional #2 Establishes and sustains positive relationships
Teaching Strategies: Physical #4 Demonstrates traveling skills

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