Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Pretend Play in the Pine Room!

Tuesday the children continued to play inside instead of going outside due to the ice and standing water on the playground. In the Pine room Victoria, Rohan, and Busola took on different roles during their pretend play. Victoria and Rohan were both parents to the babies featured below. After they tucked their babies into bed they hopped in their cars. Towards the end of their play time they decided to take some food and have a feast. 

Above, Victoria, takes care of the babies. "Now we can take care of the babies cause they are awake."

Busola waits for Rohan and Victoria to jump in the cars. "We are going away to Africa," Victoria said. 

Above is the babies nicely tucked in. 

Busola, Victoria, and Rohan create a feast and enjoy it together. 

Michigan State Standard

Social and Emotional Development and Health 
1) Early Learning Expectation: Understanding of Self. Children develop and exhibit a healthy sense of self. 

Talisa Bergeron 
HDF 409

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