Friday, January 13, 2017

First Week Review

With only one day of school, this week was a very short first week back! Nevertheless, Wednesday was an exciting day for everyone in the Maple and Pine rooms! While everyone was away, we incorporated some new technology into the classrooms, including the "Blue-bot" in the Maple room.  
The blue-bot is a moving robot that changes directions based on a pattern of tiles that the child has arranged. The children enjoyed creating patterns that directed the bot to move around an obstacle, or toward a specific person. 

Above: Visual of a "blue-bot" tiles pattern created by the children

Above: Children work with Mr. Jonaitis to make the blue-bot move

Other hot spots in the Maple classroom included the collage station and the marble painting station. 

Above: Samples of children's collage and marble painting work

At the end of the day, in large group, we engaged in the activity "sharks in the water" where children "swim" around the room while music is played and when it stops all children and teachers must make themselves fit onto the "island".  They love this game!

Above: Children all stand on the "island" while playing sharks in the water

Looking forward to what next week brings us! 

-Abigail Lucas HDF 409 Student Teacher 

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