Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Welcoming Harper's Mom

On October 31st, Harper's mother came in to the school to read a book for the children. With it being October 31st, she read a story about a witch that planted pumpkin seeds. The pumpkin grew to be giant, therefore the witch had to receive help from a few of her friends. As she read the story, she sang, changed her voice around, and had a giant witch puppet to keep the children engaged. Thank you for sharing Harper's mom!
"The pumpkin's too big" -Asher
"The pumpkin just sat!" -Spencer
"My favorite part is when they all pulled the pumpkin and it flew out" -Graeme

Teaching Strategies Gold:
Objective 18: Comprehends and responds to books and other texts
A. Interacts during read-alounds and book conversations

Berinti, 409

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