Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Black Light Art

Last week the CDLL hosted a glow night and many families showed up to see the different glowing objects and activities set up around the playground outside. Many of the children had a lot to say about the glowing objects, so we decided to put black lights in our light studio in the Walnut Room. There are glow sticks hanging on the walls, glowing glasses for the children to wear, and highlighters and paper to draw on. Once some of the children went inside they noticed that some of their clothes glowed under the black lights.
Kayden- "That needs to be closed. It needs to be dark so it glows!"
Audrey- "I never used a highlighter before. Is this a highlighter? My sister has a pink highlighter."

Audrey- "These are really cool highlighters! This one is my favorite."

Audrey- "Look Bella, your shirt glows pink! Your sock is glowing orange. And the other one is pink!"

Graeme- "My ties glow!"

Audrey- "I'm gonna color this part."
Kehoe 409
Teaching Strategies Gold Objective 33: Explores the visual arts

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