Thursday, November 10, 2016

Music Makes My Heart Happy!

Today in the hallway, the children were engaging in musical fun. While exploring the instruments in the hallway the children were connecting musical sounds to books that were placed in the hallway for them to read. They were also learning how to find what instrument was in the hallway by looking it up in the book. Children were taking turns and helping one another on how to use the instruments correctly.
 "I'm going to play the ABC song for you to hear, I am real good at that song." - Lilly F.
 "See this book? It's about the lollipop drums we have in this hallway." - Lilly F.

 "These are finger cymbals, see they are right here." -Alijah
 "What is this? I like this sound it makes!"- Michael

 "Hey, do you think we can switch the drums? I want to try that one." - Stephen 
"Sure you can have it." - Michael
"The music these make really make my heart happy, it makes me want to dance." - Victoria

Teaching Strategies #34 Explores Musical Concepts and Expression

Kaitlyn King 

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